Agitators to maintain the homogeneity of the tank or, of course, to mix products.




The agitators from Altermij-De Gouwe are not on the tank, but become a part of the tank! The slowly turning agitators are often designed and built in our own factory. We work together with several renowned agitator suppliers for fast-rotating agitators. Optimal alignment with your product and the process guarantee the best results. We can, for example, use special sanitary click scrapers for an optimal heat transfer. The top selling combi mixer can mix both low and high viscous fluids. We can insert a reversing agitator for heavier applications so that the two agitators counter-rotate separate from each other.

We think along with you and we think further. We have, for example, created products where the mixing came about through a direct injection of steam. Mix a batch homogeneity and bring it to a boiling point within minutes. We can perform tests on laboratory scale.  For critical products or applications we have built a multifunctional 200 litre test mixer.


Delivery programs:

  • Anchor agitators
    Artec 1000 ltr tegendraaiend
  • Fence agitators
  • Combi agitators
  • Quick mixer
  • Side-agitator
  • Turbo mixer
  • Standing mixer
  • Static mixer
  • Eternal homogeniser
  • Withdrawal pump with funnel


A tank with an agitator that complies with the CE-machinery regulations. We comply with the newest regulations and deliver tanks with agitators including a manual, CE statement and model plate with CE logo. Suitable for Atex environments.


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